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April 18, 2017

Spermidine is a compound found in foods like aged cheese, mushrooms, soy products, legumes, corn and whole grains

"Recent research from Texas A&M hints at the possibilities of spermidine, a compound found in common foods."
April 5, 2017

Anti-Aging takes a huge leap with research on NAD+ precursor

"UNSW researchers have made a discovery that could lead to a revolutionary drug that actually reverses ageing, improves DNA repair and could even help NASA get its astronauts to Mars."

April 5, 2017

High-intensity interval training improved age-related decline in muscle mitochondria

 HIIT (high-intensity aerobic interval) and combined training improved aerobic capacity and skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiration.


March 23, 2017

Regular infusions of a peptide that can selectively seek out and destroy broken-down cells that hamper proper tissue renewal, called senescent cells
December 20, 2016

Capsaicin, an active ingredient of pungent substances such as chilli or pepper was shown to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells...

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